STAAR Parent Information

  • Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year,  STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) replaced the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) as the student assessment program of Texas.  STAAR assesses the same Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, (TEKS) standards in a deeper, more rigorous manner.  We are doing our best to prepare our students and teachers for great success with this relatively new test.


    Testing Tips


    • Talk to your child about testing.
    • Be upbeat and positive.
      • Discuss strengths, goals, etc.
      • How do they feel about it?
      • Feed them a healthy breakfast on testing day.
      • Ensure they are school on time.
      • Send them a positive note in their lunchbox.
      • Talk to your child’s teacher should you have questions or concerns.
      • Discuss with your child their homework.
      • Monitor their grades/assignments on Skyward.
      • Visit the TEA Website (See below)
      • Visit the RISD and Pullen Websites (See below)


    Testing Reminders


    • We are a closed campus to visitors on testing days.
    • Lunches are in the testing rooms.  Parents cannot eat with their child.
    • All cell phones are collected and kept in the office during testing.
    • Students must dress in dress code. We suggest students dress in layers.
  • Pullen Students in Grades 3-6

    Students in grades 3- 6 will take STAAR tests.  These assessments require students to think at a higher level and will test the content in the current grade level, as opposed to content covered in multiple grades.  STAAR will test students in math and reading for grades 3 – 6.  STAAR Writing will be administered to students in grade 4  while students in grade 5  will take the STAAR science test.

Sample STAAR Test Questions

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