Grace Hartman's WingMen

  • Dads,

    If you had the opportunity to increase your child’s learning, help him/her perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior; what would that be worth to you? Would you be willing give 30-45 minutes a month to increase his/her odds in all of these areas? The statistics are clear and have been repeated in over 10 nationwide studies – Students who have fathers who are involved in their education perform better. (

    In my 13 years of being around Grace Hartman, I know for a fact that we have some of the best families with incredible dads. Through the years, we have had programs such as WatchDog and EagleEye to encourage father involvement on our campus. This year, we are excited to begin a new program called “WingMen” which will also be designed for dads to easily get involved with students. 

    With this new program, we will be planning a short activity roughly once a month for dads to interact on campus. Unlike previous programs, these will be short periods of time (instead of a whole day) where we can get numerous dads at the school at one time. (instead of only 1 father at a time) Hartman’s administration and our teachers are excited about the opportunities, and a full calendar of events will be coming soon. Join us as we support our students and our campus to positively impact the future. Our next meeting will be December 20, 2017 @ 7:45 in room 506- we hope to see you there!


    Kyle Cavin


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