Hawk Football
(7:30 p.m.) Heath vs North Forney

Administration/Head coaches

RISD Athletics

Athletics Director – Russ Reeves, russ.reeves@rockwallisd.org

RISD Aquatic Center Director – Neil Walker, neil.walker@rockwallisd.org

Athletics Secretary – Judy Milby, judy.milby@rockwallisd.org

Aquatic Center Secretary – Jean Martin, jean.martin@rockwallisd.org

Sports Marketing and Media Coordinator- Chris Curtis, chris.curtis@rockwallisd.org

Rockwall High School

Athletics Coordinator – Rodney Webb, rodney.webb@rockwallisd.org

Assistant Athletics Coordinator- Kasie Brewer, kasie.brewer@rockwallisd.org

Athletic Trainer – Joel Zeller, joel.zeller@rockwallisd.org

Athletics Secretary – Nancy Goellner, nancy.goellner@rockwallisd.org

Baseball – Jeff Payne, jeffrey.payne@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Basketball – Alan Simmons, alan.simmons@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Basketball – Kasie Brewer, kasie.brewer@rockwallisd.org

Golf – Billy Watkins, billy.watkins@rockwallisd.org

Cross Country – Toby Howell, phillip.howell@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Gymnastics – Cameron Sweny, cameron.sweny@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Gymnastics – Denise Hedges, denise.hedges@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Soccer – Troy Williams, troy.williams@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Soccer – Melissa Garcia, melissa.garcia@rockwallisd.org

Track and Field – Will McCrary, william.mccrary@rockwallisd.org

Football – Rodney Webb, rodney.webb@rockwallisd.org

Powerlifting – Rusty Brackett, rusty.brackett@rockwallisd.org

Softball – Shadie Acosta, shadie.acosta@rockwallisd.org

Swimming – Paul Wallace, paul.wallace@rockwallisd.org

Tennis – Lana Fulkerson, lana.fulkerson@rockwallisd.org

Volleyball – Damon Wilson, damon.wilson@rockwallisd.org

Wrestling – Brent Pohorsky, wesley.pohorsky@rockwallisd.org

Rockwall-Heath High School

Athletics Coordinator – Mickey Moss, mickey.moss@rockwallisd.org

Head Athletic Trainer- Kristi Messina, kristi.messina@rockwallisd.org

Athletic Secretary – Sheila Higbee, sheila.higbee@rockwallisd.org

Baseball – Greg Harvey, gregory.harvey@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Basketball – Brad Waters, bradley.waters@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Basketball – Laura Jenkins, laura.jenkins@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Golf – Roger Zachary, roger.zachary@rockwallisd.org

Cross Country- Julie Dalfrey, julie.dalfrey@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Golf – Zach Randle, zach.randle@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Gymnastics – James Pershin, james.pershin@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Gymnastics – Jennifer Holden, jennifer.holden@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Soccer – Mario Najarro, mario.najarro@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Soccer – Marco Duran, marco.duran@rockwallisd.org

Tennis – D.J. Hammond, richard.hammond@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Track and Field – Justin Frazier, Justin.frazier@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Track and Field – Skyler Camacho, skyler.camacho@rockwallisd.org

Powerlifting – Rodney Swinson  rodney.swinson@rockwallisd.org

Softball – Kandace Kubat, kandace.kubat@rockwallisd.org

Swimming — Tom Sacco, tom.sacco@rockwallisd.org

Volleyball – Maggie Younger, margaret.younger@rockwallisd.org

Wrestling – Shane Seleznoff, shane.seleznoff@rockwallisd.org

Cain Middle School

Athletics Coordinator – Rickey Vandenburg, rickey.vandenburg@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Athletics Coordinator – Heather Alda, heather.alda@rockwallisd.org

8th Boys’ Basketball – Zach Pike, zach.pike@rockwallisd.org

7th Boys’ Basketball – Ryan Stout, ryan.stout@rockwallisd.org

8th Girls’ Basketball – Brittany Cox, brittany.cox@rockwallisd.org

7th Girls’ Basketball – Kacie Hickman, kacie.hickman@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Cross Country – Keith Miller, keith.miller@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Cross Country – Sarah Napier, sarah.napier@rockwallisd.org

8th Football – Rickey Vandenburg, rickey.vandenburg@rockwallisd.org

7th Football – Dale Brewer, dale.brewer@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Gymnastics – James Pershin, james.pershin@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Gymnastics – Jennifer Holden, jennifer.holden@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Soccer – Steven Stone, steven.stone@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Soccer – Brittany Cox, brittany.cox@rockwallisd.org

Girls Tennis – Samantha Ivey, samantha.ivey@rockwallisd.org

Boys Tennis- Amanda Agee, amanda.agee@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Track and Field – Dale Brewer, dale.brewer@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Track and Field – Tiffany Anderson, tiffany.anderson@rockwallisd.org

8th Volleyball – Heather Alda, heather.alda@rockwallisd.org

7th Volleyball – Sarah Napier, sarah.napier@rockwallisd.org

Utley Middle School

Athletics Coordinator – Kody Hergert, kody,hergert@rockwallisd.org

Girls Athletic Coordinator – Nicole Rodgers, nicole.rodgers@rockwallisd.org

8th Boys’ Basketball – Rasheed Rasshan, rasheed.rasshan@rockwallisd.org

7th Boys’ Basketball – Brian Nevans, brian.nevans@rockwallisd.org

8th Girls’ Basketball – Portia Machado, portia.machado@rockwallisd.org

7th Girls’ Basketball – Portia Clemmons, portia.clemmons@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Cross Country – Jeff Richardson, jeff.richardson@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Cross Country – Paige Coppedge, paige.coppedge@rockwallisd.org

8th Football – Kody Hergert, kody.hergert@rockwallisd.org

7th Football – Ryan Bartoszek, ryan.bartoszek@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Gymnastics – Keenan Jackson, keenan.jackson@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Gymnastics – Kristin Jayne, kristin.jayne@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Soccer – Justin Newberry, justin.newberry@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Soccer – Stephen Ledbetter, stephen.ledbetter@rockwallisd.org

Tennis – David Gasewicz, david.gasewicz@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Track and Field – Justin Richardson, justin.richardson@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Track and Field – Paige Coppedge, paige.coppedge@rockwallisd.org

8th Volleyball – Nicole Gilleland, nicole.gilleland@rockwallisd.org

7th Volleyball – Josh Pucket, josh.pucket@rockwallisd.org

Williams Middle School

Athletics Coordinator – Kip Muhl, kip.muhl@rockwallisd.org

Girls Athletics Coordinator- Tresa Thornton, tresa.thornton@rockwallisd.org

8th Boys’ Basketball – Scott Gill, scott.gill@rockwallisd.org

7th Boys’ Basketball – Luke Ivey, luke.ivey@rockwallisd.org

8th Girls’ Basketball – Tresa Thornton, tresa.thornton@rockwallisd.org

7th Girls’ Basketball – Mike Barineau, mike.barineau@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Cross Country – Cale Barnes, cale.barnes@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Cross Country – Terri Bates, terri.bates@rockwallisd.org

8th Football – Kip Muhl, kip.muhl@rockwallisd.org

7th Football – Loren McCrillis, loren.mccrillis@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Gymnastics – Cameron Sweny, cameron.sweny@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Gymnastics – Stephanie Tyson, stephanie.tyson@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Soccer – Jerry Barlow, jerry.barlow@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Soccer – Lauren Lee, lauren.lee@rockwallisd.org

Tennis – David Darnell, dan.darnell@rockwallisd.org

Boys’ Track and Field – Cale Barnes, cale.barnes@rockwallisd.org

Girls’ Track and Field – Tresa Thornton, tresa.thornton@rockwallisd.org

8th Volleyball – Arthur Latus, arthur.latus@rockwallisd.org

7th Volleyball – David Darnell, dan.darnell@rockwallisd.org