Bilingual and ESL

One-Way Dual Language

Rockwall ISD offers a one way dual language program at the elementary level. This program offers English Language Learners, who are native Spanish speakers, the opportunity to continue learning in their native language while acquiring English. This includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and content area skills in both languages. The program is based on a 50/50 model, in which 50% of the instruction is delivered in English and the other 50% is delivered in Spanish. The program fosters a development of oral and cognitive academic language proficiency in English and Spanish while mastering grade level knowledge and skills in all content areas.


English as a Second Language

ESL is a content-based intensive language instruction program. Instruction is offered in English only, for English Language Learners in Pre-K-12th grade, while integrating the use of second language acquisition methods. Students are served in a Pull-Out, Inclusion, and/or Co-Teach model.