SAGE Students Use Duck-tape and String to Float Across Pool

Special Activities in Gifted Education, or SAGE, is the Gifted and Talented program of Rockwall ISD for students in grades Kindergarten through 6th. Earlier this month, the 5th grade SAGE students from across the district ere invited to the Rockwall ISD Aquatic Center for an exciting activity.

After the group was divided into teams, the students were tasked with creating, designing and building a structure that would carry their team across the length of the pool. They could cross as a group or individually. Each team was provided with various floatable supplies along with string and duct-tape. A planning time was given as well as an opportunity to test their craft.

At the signal each team did their best to get across the pool on their boat in the shortest time. Amazingly one team achieved this goal is less than 20 seconds!

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