Cain Middle School Gymnastics Places 1st in District Meet


Cain Middle School’s Level 5 Lady Mustangs placed 1st in the Middle School Gymnastics District Meet! We also had two gymnast win individual events! Bailey D. placed 1st on Vault with a 9.5 and Floor with a 9.65. Spencer W. placed 1st on Uneven Bars with a 9.65!

Level 5 Team Results out of 4 teams:
1st Cain MS 112.35
2nd Williams MS 110.9
3rd Utley MS 108.8
4th Brandenburg MS 108.05

Individual Results out of 30 gymnast:
Spencer W. placed 2nd in the all-around 37.6, on Vault 9.35, and floor 9.6, 1st on uneven bars 9.65 and 10th on beam 9.0.
Peyton M. placed 3rd in the all-around 37.35 and on beam 9.7, 2nd on uneven bars 9.6, 7th on floor 9.2, and 9th on Vault 8.85.
Bailey D. placed 1st on Vault 9.5 and on Floor 9.65, 6th on uneven bars 9.15, 7th in the all-around 36.7 and 14th beam 8.4.
Tori M. placed 9th in the all-around 33.85, 9th on vault 8.85, 14th on floor 8.8, and 17th on beam 8.2.
Corinne M. placed 9th on beam 9.1 and 11th on floor 9.0.
Avery C. placed 7th on floor 9.2 and 16th on beam 8.3.
Darby R. placed 14th on vault 8.8 and 19th on floor 8.5.

Level 4 individual results out of 40 gymnast:
Valerie S. placed 6th on Floor 8.6 and 11th on beam 8.1.
Rylee G. placed 11th on Vault 7.8 and 16th on uneven bars.
Blake T. placed 10th on beam 8.3.
Ainsley J. placed 11th on vault 7.8.
Darby R. placed 13th on uneven bars 7.0.
Madeline B. placed 17th on floor 7.4.
Grace A. placed 18th on vault 7.0 and uneven bars.
Julia P. placed 16th on beam 7.1, and 19th on vault 6.5 and floor 7.0.

Go Mustangs!


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