Cathi Albrecht Awarded Impact in Leadership Award from SMU


Cathi Albrecht, a secondary Math Coordinator at Rockwall ISD, was recently awarded the Impact in Leadership Award from SMU. She was presented with the first-ever RME Research-to-Practice Impact Awards in Leadership.

Utley Middle School’s principal, Mr. Bradford, and his math team worked together with Mrs. Albrecht for this outstanding recognition from the Research in Math Education unit department at SMU.  The commitment from Cathi Albrecht and Utley Middle School will help ultimately improve the available tools for math teachers in the State of Texas.

SMU’s RME director, Leanne Ketterlin Geller said, “We are delighted to recognize Cathi with the Research-to-Practice Impact Award from Research in Mathematics Education at SMU Simmons. Her commitment to her school district is evident, as we have partnered on a rigorous research collaboration throughout the school year. This collaboration has been mutually beneficial to Rockwall ISD and RME, but the results of the work we have done will have a far greater reach.”

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