Rockwall ISD Administrative Changes

With the retirement of Rockwall ISD Chief Academic Officer Dr. Debbie Koehn, Rockwall ISD is announcing several administrative changes that will take effect on April 1, 2015.

Current Chief Administrative Officer Sara Bonser will replace Dr. Koehn as Chief Academic Officer.

Sara Bonser joined Rockwall ISD in 2010. Mrs. Bonser has 23 years of public education experience. Before coming to Rockwall ISD she held the positions of teacher, middle school assistant principal, middle school principal and high school principal.

“Mrs. Bonser is an excellent educational leader and has a strong commitment to students and academic excellence,” said Superintendent Jeff Bailey.

Mrs. Bonser’s current position will be divided between Dr. Amy Anderson and Mr. Billy Pringle. Dr. Anderson will become the Chief Administrative Officer for Elementary campuses. Mr. Pringle will become the Chief Administrative Officer for Secondary campuses.

Dr. Anderson has 18 years of public education experience and Mr. Pringle has 27 years of public school experience. Dr. Anderson and Mr. Pringle have both been campus principals in Rockwall ISD.

“Dr. Anderson and Mr. Pringle are great leaders and have outstanding leadership skills. Their new positions will increase the district’s ability to benefit from their skills and expertise,” said Superintendent Jeff Bailey.

Sara Amy Anderson Billy Pringle

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