Christina Lee Receives the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® grant

Christina Lee, 5th grade bilingual teacher, received the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® grant for $2879.64. The grant includes students at both Springer and Jones Elementary Schools.

This project, Endless OSMO Possibilities, uses OSMOs to connect students across two neighboring campuses, Springer and Jones Elementary, to improve student engagement, vocabulary, and critical thinking for problem solving.  The OSMO is a kit which includes, a set of IPAD games played with real tangible letter tiles, tangram shapes and a simple piece of paper and pencil. The OSMO uses a reflective mirror along with software to allow students to play outside the screen. The OSMO re-invents the how we connect the kinesthetic learner with technology.

For example,  the OSMO Word game offers students the opportunity to move away from the traditional IPAD applications and experience working to solve language puzzles using word tiles connected to real life pictures displayed on the screen.  Teachers and students can also load their own photographs to create new games; which can be made public with ‘albums’ to share with other OSMO users, encouraging collaboration. Our goal is to interact and connect students across different campuses through engagement and literacy using OSMO technology.

 This means we could share albums regarding ANY text in ANY subject and help each other bring words to life. This grant will supply Springer Elementary and Jones Elementary with 18 OSMO starter kits each which include; a base, reflective mirror attachment, tangram shapes and word tiles.


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