Amy Parks Choir at Alamo Showcase of Music Competition


Three Amy Parks-Heath Elementary Choirs went to the “Alamo Showcase” of Music Competition. The choirs competing were the 4th and 5th Grade “Honor Choir”, the 6th grade “Starlight Choir” and the mixed show choir “Lighthouse Singers”.  All three choirs were awarded a Superior Rating and each choir was named Outstanding Choir in their competition group.  After the competition, the choir spent the rest of the day at Sea World.

On Saturday, the choirs spent an educational day at historical downtown San Antonio. While there, they viewed the IMAX movie “Born to Be Wild” 3D which shared how the orphans of  elephants and orangutans are being saved from poachers. The orphans are brought to ranches and are raised and taught how to live in the wild. When old enough, they are taken back to the wild and placed with other animals of their breed.  The students also visited the historic Alamo and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  142 students and 34 adult chaperones made the trip!

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