Springer Elementary “I Am” Project


April Perkins’ 6th graders, at Springer Elementary, discussed the definition of stereotypes and how important it is to see and accept people for who they are and what they have to offer- to really get to know the person and not make assumptions.  Students watched a video of a middle school where the “I AM” project originated.  The teacher asked her students if they could tell their peers one important and  identifying thing about themselves, what would it be… possibly something that even their closest friends don’t know about them.

I AM ??????????

Springer 6th graders were asked the same question, and the responses went far beyond what Mrs. Perkins imagined an 11 to 12 year old would say.  The responses ranged from declarations of faith and statements of confidence to statements about being afraid, misunderstood and insecure.  Students learned that even adults don’t always “know” each other like they should… Springer 6th graders are shattering stereotypes!

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