Cullins-Lake Pointe International Literacy Day

Students at Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary will be celebrating International Literacy Day on Tuesday, September 9th.

Mrs. Gabby Brown, Cullins-Lake Pointe Librarian, has been sharing with students various facts about literacy around the world.  For example, approximately 775 million people- 64% of whom are women- are functionally illiterate. In other words, they lack the basic reading and writing skills to manage daily living and employment tasks.

Our Cullins Cowboys were eager to help support literacy! Students have been conducting a book drive and book exchange at Cullins Elementary.  They have been bringing in books and they are able to exchange them for another book in the drive!  It has been exciting for them to be able to read “new” books!  Any books that are left after the book exchange will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation.  We are proud of our CLP Cowboys for living our motto, “At CLP we are growing leaders, every day in every way!”

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