Fundraiser Scheduled for Williams MS Student: Luna Martell Battles Cancer


Luna Martell is an eighth-grade student at Williams Middle School who has won the love of everyone who knows her. All of Luna’s biggest fans: family, teachers, friends, officers and the community are cheering her on!

Luna is a brave young lady who is in a battle that no child should have to fight. When Luna was just six years old, she was diagnosed with a cancer known as Hepatoblastoma.

She is a cancer survivor many times over and her battle continues now as her cancer returned late last year.

Mike McMahon, Williams Middle School Science teacher, says, “Luna is a precious young lady that has battled cancer many times in her 14 years of life. She has fought, defeated, and fights once again, as her cancer returned late last school year.” He continued to say, “she possesses a smile that lights up any room and her little giggle and grin reassured those who care about her that she is ok, despite the obstacles she continues to face on a daily basis. Luna continues to celebrate her young life to the fullest, as her courageous heart blesses those around her.”

In an effort to support Luna and bring a smile to her face, Williams Middle School came together to start a Dance Challenge. The Williams Middle School counselor’s secretary, Taylor Sher, began a push on social media to help spread the word across the Rockwall ISD community. It was a simple challenge that began with the hashtag: #danceforluna. You can be a part of the effort to put a smile on Luna’s face by dancing for Luna and sharing your video on twitter with the hashtag: #danceforluna.

In addition, a fundraising event is scheduled to help Luna and her family. The Rockwall Police Officer’s Association will be hosting a fundraiser for Luna Martell at Joe Willy’s on Tuesday, September 22 from 5 – 9 p.m. Please come with your family and eat or simply stop by and make a donation.

Rockwall Police Officer John Donaldson says, “You, the Rockwall ISD family have proven many times how big your hearts are, and we are asking you to step up to the plate again. I thank you in advance on behalf of the RPOA and the Williams Middle School family.”

Thank you to our Rockwall ISD community for showing such love and support for such a beautiful young lady as she continues her brave battle. Don’t forget to dance for Luna!

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