First Term Awards Assembly at Springer Elementary

Nine Week Awards 2

Springer Elementary held its very first, “First Term Awards Assembly,” initiated by our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kelli Crossland.

Students were recognized for the following:

PERFECT ATTENDANCE SPIRIT STICKS – 300+ students were honored who had perfect attendance for the 1st 9 week period.
ON TIME AND READY TO LEARN RECOGNITION – This recognition is for the 500+ students with no tardiness during the 1st 9 week period.
A HONOR ROLL SPIRIT STICKS – All A’s in core subject areas.
AB HONOR ROLL SPIRIT STICKS – All A’s/B’s in core subject areas.
GOLDEN TICKET RECIPIENTS –every student stood to be recognized if they had received a golden ticket so far this year.

This was the perfect culminating event to end our “Red Ribbon Week” as students and staff dressed in Superhero attire to model that we are all superheroes in some capacity, whether we reach out to be kind to others, help someone in need, do the right thing, and do our very BEST to achieve goals that will take us places we’ve never even dreamed of.

Bottom Row:  L TO R:  Mrs. Kelli Crossland, Justin Autencio, Naki’yah Louis, Ethan Tate, Claudia Cunningham, Kinleigh Johns, Kendall Wharton, and Brayden Rushing
Middle Row:  L to R:  Roxi Aliabadi, Reagan Pennington, Haley Petton, Eli Deen, Adolfo Ramirez, Mrs. Lori Allums
Top Row:  L to R:  Dr. Helmer, Ryan Bostik, Jerry Dales, Donovan Copioli, Caleb Rodriguez, Ameer Abu-Ziyadeh

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