Cain Middle School Connects with Scott Wolter

In an effort to provide a unique learning experience for our 7th grade students and to follow up a recent unit on geology, our Cain Middle School science teachers, Chad Ashby, Katy Pope, Dale Brewer, and Ryan Stout invited world-renowned forensic geologist and host of the hit series America Unearthed on The History Channel’s H2, Scott Wolter, to speak during Cain Middle School’s Career Day. With help from Cain’s Instructional Technology Specialist, Cheryl Kelly, the middle schoolers were able to connect with Mr. Wolter via Google Hangout, a virtual meeting room where Scott fielded questions on his career as a forensic geologist, his T.V. series and followed up on the recent episode of America Unearthed where Mr. Wolter conducted an investigation on Rockwall’s very own rock wall.

This was truly a one-of-kind experience the students will remember for a lifetime and Mr. Wolter certainly picked up a few new young viewers for season 3.

DaleBrewer American Unearthed

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