Cullins Sixth Graders Visit SMU and the Presidential Library

Sixth Grade students from Cullins Elementary spent time visiting the SMU Campus and touring the George Bush Presidential Library. It was a wonderful experience for all students. The students were escorted around the SMU campus by current students. They gave the 6th graders a first-hand tour of the campus as well talking to them about what they need to do now to prepare for college. The 6th graders also visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus and were able to experience the exhibits about his presidency and the events of 9-11.

Student Madison Stevenson says, “It was a really fun trip and SMU seemed to be really great college. I never thought of going to SMU but it seems like a college I would enjoy attending.” Miguel Macias has this to say, “The library was really cool. I didn’t know a lot but I learned a lot while we were there.”

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