Rockwall High School AcDec Finishes First Overall

The Rockwall High School AcDec team traveled to Arizona this weekend to compete against several Arizona schools as well as Highland Park in their last meet before Regionals in January. Our Rockwall High School students were amazing, sweeping nearly every category. They finished first overall and won first in the Super Quiz.

Additionally, Tara McCoy, Wes Scivetti, and Dan Scivetti all won their respective divisions, with Wes earning the highest score of the meet. Currently, Wes has the highest score in the nation, and he has a very good chance at breaking the highest AcDec score of all time!

Rachel Shafer came in second in her division while Grace Taiwo came in third in hers, and all of our Rockwall High School students won awards in at least one subject category.

The team moves to 4-0 in meets this fall. Congratulations to all of our members of the Rockwall High School AcDec team and good luck in January!

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