Rockwall High School Band Places Record Number of Students in the All-Region Band


The Rockwall High School Band placed a record number of students in the Region 3 TMEA All-Region Band this past Monday evening. Out of thirty-two RHS students who auditioned in Phase 2v auditions, twenty-nine of those students earned chairs in one of the All-Region Bands.  Five RHS students advanced to Area, and will compete at Berkner HS on January 9th for All-State honors.  RHS Band students who earned chairs are:

Aren Moore – 2nd Chair Symphonic Band – Alto Sax
Caleb Dodson – 4th Chair Symphonic Band – Alto Sax
Jessica Branks – 6th Chair Concert Band – Alto Sax
Justin Dower – 2nd Chair Wind Ensemble – Bass Clarinet – AREA
Lauren Kimmel – 1st Chair Wind Symphony – Bass Clarinet
Jade Brown – 3rd Chair Concert Band – Bassoon
Kayla Pringle – 4th Chair Wind Symphony – Clarinet
Johanna Pang – 7th Chair Wind Symphony – Clarinet
David Rester – 2nd Chair Symphonic Band – Clarinet
Allison Pople – 5th Chair Concert Band – Clarinet
Alexis Bailey – 11th Chair Concert Band – Clarinet
Brendan Murphree – 6th Chair Wind Symphony – Trumpet
Nathan Mathura – 8th Chair Wind Symphony – Trumpet
Ryan Rohde – 9th Chair Symphonic Band – Trumpet
Colby Robbins – 8th Chair Concert Band – Trumpet
Brendyn Vera – 3rd Chair Wind Symphony – Euphonium
Andrew Romero – 3rd Chair Concert Band – Euphonium
Kai Robinson – 3rd Chair Wind Ensemble – Horn – AREA
Marina Conner – 7th Chair Symphonic Band – Horn
Jacob Ashcraft – 8th Chair Concert Band – Horn
Julia Kim – 3rd Chair Wind Ensemble – Flute – AREA
Christina Pinkerton – 2nd Chair Symphonic Band – Flute
Dan Anh Ton – 7th Chair Symphonic Band – Flute
Haley Ray – 12th Chair Concert Band – Flute
James Matthews – 5th Chair Wind Ensemble – Percussion – AREA
Nick Messick – 7th Chair Wind Ensemble – Percussion – AREA
Nicholas Arce – 8th Chair Concert Band – Trombone
Trey Efeney – 5th Chair Symphonic Band – Tuba
Shem Ray – 1st Chair Concert Band – Tuba

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