Cain Robotics Team Qualifies for Regionals

Three teams from Cain competed this past weekend at the Greenville VEX robotics competition.

Team 3310E, “Elite Bots” (Grant D, Sydney H, Gabriel R, Zohar S, and Bailey W), made several improvements to their robot since the last competition and had it dialed in! They programmed their robot to effectively score in the autonomous portion of the matches which turned into a huge bonus. They were picked in the second round by the #1 seeded alliance and marched all the way through elimination rounds undefeated! This win qualifies the team for the North Texas State regional competition.

Team 3310B, “R3 Medic” (Meridith A, Eric T, Dan S, Izzy B and Codi C), had a solid performance throughout the qualification matches and ended up as the #2 alliance captain. They sailed through the elimination rounds but ended up losing in a tough fought match to the #1 alliance in the finals. The kids had to work through several technical issues with their electrical system to keep the robot in play throughout the day. The team won the “Build Award” for a quality built machine and achieved the high scores in both the programming and skill challenges.

Team 3310D, “Rockwall Revolution” (Tyler S, Brandon J., Patrick W., Wesley C.), came to their first competition equipped with a powerful, two-wheeled shooter. The team also sported their beautiful hand air-brushed T-shirts. They worked hard through the competition to adjust and fine tune their shooter to score in the high goal. After the qualification matches, they were picked to go into the elimination rounds but their journey ended with a couple close matches in the quarter finals. With a such great machine and crew, this team will certainly be a contender at the next competition.

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