4-H Club Gives Back to Dobbs Elementary


Rockwall County 4-H members Ellee Spearman, McKenna Mershawn and Boaz Williams are giving back to their school Howard Dobbs Elementary.  The partnership between Rockwall County AgriLife Extension Service began in 2014 when Todd Williams, County Extension Agent donated 75 books to the Lil’ Jacket Library to support the Super Reader Book Challenge.  In 2015 these students’ donated 200 new books to the Lil’ Jacket Library.  Some of the books have become a part of the library collection for all students to enjoy.  Today, Lil’ Jackets who were affected by the recent tornado self-selected 5 brand new books to read and enjoy.  Thanks Ellee, McKenna and Boaz for living out the 4-H Motto in your community.


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