Black Hawk Team Published in “FIRST Robots – Behind the Design”

The Black Hawk Robotics Team’s robot is highlighted in the book “FIRST Robots – Behind the Design”.  The book features 30 top-performing robots from the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition that included over 2,900 teams from around the world.  Robots were selected based on their design, manufacturing and control processes that converted innovative ideas into high-performing robots.

The Rockwall-Heath robot was the first industrial arm to compete at FIRST’s highest level. The goal of the robot was to acquire totes and recycling containers with the three-axis industrial arm and stack them on the scoring platform. The control algorithm that runs the arm enabled the robot to autonomously load, transport and stack pairs of totes. This process won the Black Hawk Robotics team the Innovation in Control Award in the World Championships Newton Subdivision.  This was the teams fourth straight appearance at the World Championship.

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