2016 Baseball and Softball Sponsorship Information

The 2016 baseball and softball seasons are right around the corner and now is your opportunity to show your support for our community by sponsoring the Hawk and Yellowjacket baseball and softball programs.

Put your name and logo in the game with signage at baseball stadiums.These large 6’x8′ outfield wall signs are visible from the stands and stay up year round. For $2,500, we’ll print and install  an outfield sign at both the Hawk and Yellowjackets baseball stadiums.

Last year more than 12,000 listeners tuned in for our live streaming of baseball and softball games. For $500, you’ll get two 30-second ads in every baseball broadcast, including the entire playoff run for both the Heath and Rockwall Varsity teams.

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Ready to learn more? Contact Chris Curtis at chris.curtis@rockwallisd.org or (972) 771-0605.

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