Williams Middle School Eleven Year UIL Champions


For 11-years in a row Williams has been announced both 7th and 8th grade UIL champions as well as overall winner in our UIL district. UIL is a competition for people who have knowledge or talent within that certain category. The competition was held on January 22nd at the First United Methodist Church in Rockwall. Students competed in a variety of subjects such as dictionary skills, spelling, science, math, speaking skills, and writing, just to name a few.

Congratulations to these hard working and deserving students:  Art:  7th grade- 1st Diana Tran, 2nd Abigail Coin, 2nd Alissa Dearing, 4th Gabriel Martinson.  8th grade- 1st Megan Fernandez, 3rd Meredith Jones, 4th Rhianna Swift.  Calculator Applications:  7th grade- 4th Landry Simmons, 5th Braden Wills, 6th Carson Sagraves.  8th grade- 4th Eden Kim, 5th Noah Ferguson, 6th Celia Straight.  Dictionary Skills:  7th grade- 2nd Mekinna Knight, 5thCarson Sagraves, 6th Avlyn Ndonga.  8th– 1st Andre Daniel, 3rd Madeleine Hunt, 4th Ella Laurence.  Editorial Writing:  7th– 1stKaitlyn Niesen, 2nd Olivia Cade, 3rd Manning Biggerstaff. 8th– 1st Matthew Barlow, 3rd MaKayla Williams, 5th Delaina Temple.  Listening:  7th– 1st Kaitlyn Niesen, 3rd Marybeth Hamilton, 5th Elijah Hicks.  8th– 1st Madeleine Hunt, 2nd Kendra Small, 6thMadeline Owen.  Maps, Graphs, & Charts:  7th– 2nd Brianna Kearns, 5th Marybeth Hamilton.  8th– 1st Ben Vazquez, 2nd Korie Rose, 3rd Kavya Venugopalan.  Mathematics:  7th– 2nd Parker Gage, 4th Khailinh Thai, 5th Trinity Misak.  8th– 1st Eden Kim, 2ndKavya Venugopalan, 3rd Dasha Coulman.  Modern Oratory:  7th– 1st Joseph Halkuff, 2nd Randall Klaver, 4th Mekina Knight.  8th– 1st Caleb Gregory, 6th John Jones.  Number Sense:  7th– 1st Seth Choi, 2nd Braden Wills, 3rd Caden Williams.  8th– 1st Eden Kim, 2nd Muthani Kamau, 3rd Celia Straight.  Oral Reading:  7th– 1st Hope Wilding, 2nd Mekinna Knight, 3rd Hayley Dopkins.  8th– 2ndShelby Wright, 5th Susie Wilson, 6th Hayes Hill.  Number Sense:  7th– 1st Seth Choi, 2nd Braden Wills, 3rd Caden Williams.  8th– 1st Eden Kim, 2nd Muthani Kamau, 3rd Celia Straight.  Ready Writing:  7th– 1st Jordan Wilson, 2nd Jaden Dougal, 4th Camira Fomunong.  8th– 1st Andre Daniel, 2nd Meagan Wheeler.  Science:  7th– 1st Jordan Wilson, 2nd Jaden Dougal, 5th Zachary Flowers.  8th– 1st Kendra Small, 2nd Hector Murillo, 3rd Kennedy Anderson.  Social Studies:  7th– 1st Tabitha Bauer, 2nd Diana Tran.  8th– 1st Eric Roca, 6th Valerie Borland.  Spelling:  7th– 2nd Trinity Misak, 3rd Mary Hamilton, 6th Elijah Hicks.  8th– 1st Andre Daniel, 2nd Dasha Coulman, 3rd– Connor Stasak

PHOTO Caption: (L-R)  8th graders Celia Straight & Madeleine Hunt and 7th grader Landry Simmons display their 7th & 8th grade Championship trophies as well as the Overall UIL Championship trophy.

By:  Alyssa Murphree, WMS 8th grade Journalism Student

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