Inspiration and 3D Printing at Jones Elementary

When the students at Jones elementary were told to think of a person who inspired them in some way, Brooklyn Harmon knew exactly who she would pick. Her Uncle, Jimmy Mullins was a person who made a lasting impact in her life. He was someone who would take time to visit her even when she moved to a different state. Through spending time with him and gaining life lessons from him, Brooklyn says she learned, “To never give up, even in your darkest hour and to always find that little bit of good in the world.”

For the project, Brooklyn decided to create 3D AT-AT Walker on and print it with the 3D printer in the Jones Library to honor the memory of her uncle. Mr. Mullins joined the Army out of high school and was, sadly, killed in Afghanistan about month before his deployment was due to end.  His memory is celebrated by Brooklyn every day, and she did this project out of love and respect for him.

3D Printing Jones

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