Springer Elementary Participates in UIL Competition

Students at Springer Elementary participated in the UIL Competition on Saturday, February 20th.  The results are:

Reading Writing – Coach Christina Lee

  • 4th grade:  Sophia Alvarenga – placed 5th
  • 5th grade:  Lindsey Thompson – placed 4th

Oral Reading – Coaches Rachael Taylor and Susie Kinney

  • 5th grade:  Logan Kuntz – placed 3rd
  • 6th grade:  Hannah Mitchell – placed 5th

Number Sense – Coach Barbara Wood

  • 4th grade:  Cody Bostik – placed 5th

Maps, Graphs and Charts – Coaches Becky Riemenschneider and Rebekah Hawkins

  • 5th grade:  Peyton Wingfield – placed 5th

Storytelling:  Coaches Stacey Hawkins and Anna Winkley

  • 3rd grade:  Sean Linscott – placed 5th

Chess – Coach Jenny Kaup

2nd/3rd grades:  Brandon Mendoza – placed 2nd

  • Zachary Musson – placed 4th
  • Sam Eisenbise – placed 6th

4th/5th grades:  David Granger – placed 6th

  • Carter Eisenbise – placed 1st

Chess Tournament:

  • 4th/5th grades:  Reilly Lundberg – placed 2nd
  • 6th grade:  Eli Deen – placed 1st

Thank you to our UIL Coordinator, Angie Ryan for doing a fantastic job organizing this event for our campus, and to all the UIL Coaches who devoted extra time by working with these students to make the competition a huge success!


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