Dobbs Teachers Help Design School


Dobbs Elementary school teachers and district administrative staff worked directly with VLK Architects on concepts and needs for the rebuilding of their new school.

Teachers and administrative staff met on March 15 with architects to share ideas and concepts for the new design. Groups of staff presented architect boards to the company and shared their ideas, needs and wants. Dobbs Elementary Principal, Ruth Johnson said, “Our campus is a Leader in Me school, therefore, we need to have areas within the building that we can accentuate and promote positive quotes, student work and showcase how our students are leaders. This is very important to our campus.”

Jay Fisher, a 5th grade Science and Social Studies teacher at Dobbs Elementary, said, “This process has allowed all of us to put our concepts together and get different needs and ideas from other teachers, administrative staff and parents. Talking with the architects has helped us get our input out and feel like we have been listened to.”

Through this process, VLK assures staff members are heard and their ideas are being integrated into the design. Brenda Sandoval-Jones, a Kinder Bilingual teacher at Dobbs Elementary, was able to give her input to the architects on her vision of a new design. She said, “The flow of the classroom and needs for our future generation is key to the new design. We need to think ahead for what our future generation needs, such as, walls that you can write on and new technology.”

Demolition of the Dobbs annex will begin later this spring with construction of the new building scheduled to begin in early 2017. Students and teachers will start the 2018-2019 school year in the new building.

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