“Creating Spring Together” at Amy Parks-Heath Elementary

Amy Park-Heath Elementary had an art installation event on their campus this past week.

The interactive event was created by each of the art classes with direction from art teacher Kathleen Finan. The stage of the elementary school was set up with different art stations and inspirations found by students to recreate each art project.

“I gathered a board on my pinterest of all different art installations and showed them to my sixth graders,” Finan said. “We picked which ones were the most fun and the ones we liked best and started trying to figure out how we could incorporate those ideas into something that was doable here at Amy Parks.”

The installation was part of the School Wide Art Show where art is displayed all over the building.

The scene on the stage was created completely white, which represents winter. Colorful dots were added by each installation experience all week that represent spring, creation and new ideas. Three colors were used by the students to create “spring” together.

“The students really love it and are proud of what they’ve done,” Finan said. “Every student in the whole school, even if they don’t have art has participated.”

Amy Park-Heath was celebrating Grandparent’s Week as well so many grandparents were able to get involved in the art project as well and see what the students had been working on.

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