Students Serving Others Day – Businesses Can Partner with Students

Rockwall ISD students and staff will work service projects across the community as part of the annual Students Serving Others Day on April 16. Students will spend the day working service projects at different locations and facilities throughout the community.

Marty Barbieri, SSO District Coordinator said, “Rockwall ISD understands the importance of developing a deep sense of purpose for students along with strong academic skills. The practice of serving others gives our elementary students the knowledge that, even though they are young, their actions can make a difference in the world.  Nothing is better for our teenagers than looking outside themselves through acts of service to find a sense of wholeness and purpose.”

Rockwall ISD students find purpose, pride and passion through serving others. Both students and teachers feel the need to take the acts of kindness and compassion learned in the classroom, and share it with the community.

Ruth Johnson, Dobbs Elementary Principal said, “I am most excited about the collaboration of our Rockwall ISD campuses coming together on one day to serve others and the community.” Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade students will be scattered throughout the community with projects such as beautifying neighborhoods, raising money to support local agencies and cleaning highways.

Get your group or business involved and be a partner for the day by lending a hand and assisting with a project or providing supplies. For more information or to help participate in this year’s Students Serving Others event visit


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