Students Serving Others – Businesses Partnering with Students

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Rockwall ISD students and staff will work service projects across the community as part of the annual Students Serving Others Day on April 16. Businesses will spend the day assisting students working service projects at different locations and facilities throughout the community.

“This partnership is important for several reasons,” Jon Bailey, President and CEO of Helping Hands said. “First, it’s teaching a generation of young people the importance of serving others at a young age. Secondly, Helping Hands relies so heavily on community support, so it allows us the opportunity to tap into 15,000 students and families.”

Businesses throughout Rockwall can partner and support students of Rockwall ISD, while they find purpose, pride and passion through serving the community. This is a chance for acts of kindness and compassion to be shared throughout the community by students and community members.

“At the end of the day we get thousands of families in Rockwall County that are experiencing need, and we are getting them served,” Bailey said. “If we could teach a generation now to invest in serving others, our future will look pretty darn good.”
Join us on April 16th to be a part of the movement of serving others by supporting and cheering on our Rockwall ISD students and local business representatives. Get your group or business involved and become a partner for the day by lending a hand and assisting with a project or providing supplies.

For more information or to help participate in this year’s Students Serving Others event visit


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