Professionals for a Day at Springer Elementary

Students at Springer Elementary had the opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of different types of professionals during the school day as a result of submitting top donations toward our Rock-a-Thon Fundraiser that took place in the fall.

Cash Meade served as principal with Dr. Helmer, and Ava Clower and Kyler Johns served as assistant principal with Mrs. Crossland while assisting with decision-making in the office, participating in Safety Patrol for safe student arrival, and addressing all other school needs. Officer Dee received help from guest officer, Zachary Higgins, by providing a safe and secure school environment. Finally, Cash Meade assisted Coach Kelly during P.E. classes to confirm that our physical education program is on top of its “A game.”

Congratulations to these students for ensuring that our school stays “top notch.”

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