Rockwall High School AcDec Nationals Results

AcDec Nationals RHS

Six members of the Rockwall AcDec team recently returned from the AcDec Nationals Competition in Anchorage, Alaska, where they competed as individuals. These six students won an impressive total of 23 medals including 10 gold, 6 silver, and 7 bronze.

  • Wesley Scivetti earned 1st place in science, literature, economics, social science, and speech, and earned 2nd place in music and art . His speech was the top-scoring speech overall.     Additionally, not only was he the top scorer in the nation in his division, he is THE HIGHEST SCORING SCHOLASTIC OF ALL TIME!
  • Rachel Shafer earned 1st place finishes in music, art, and literature and second place finishes in science and social science.
  • Dan Scivetti finished 3rd in both art and math.
  • Tara McCoy placed 3rd in music, interview, literature, science, 2nd in speech, and 1st in both economics and social science.
  • Sam Warren received 3rd place in math and 2nd in science.
  • Grace Taiwo also earned a coveted spot in the national competition, and while she didn’t place in the top three, she had a phenomenal season and was an integral part of this year’s team.

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