Cullins Elementary Brings the Past to Life

Cullins Lake Pointe

Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary students in Mrs. Brown’s library classes and Mrs. Kidd’s 5th grade history classes have been using a traveling exhibit from the Gilder Leherman Institute of American History to bring our past to life. The exhibit uses primary sources on the Progressive Era and has been available to students throughout the month of May. The Collin College theatre department loaned period costumes for the students to use in their display.

Gracie Wood, Madisyn Campbell and Michaela Jones said, “At first we didn’t realize that women didn’t vote in the 1900’s.  It made no sense, women are just as equal as men and should have the same opportunities. We got to create a display of hats, dresses, and sashes that they wore back when women didn’t have suffrage. We decorated hats, banners, and signs to campaign for our rights. They road boats with signs and traveled in carriages across the country. Everyone could see that women should be able to vote! For even more fun we had an election for citizens to vote so we got to see a real voting booth in our school.”

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