Math is Making Everyone Hungry at Shannon Elementary

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Students in fourth grade at Shannon Elementary School have been working on addition of whole numbers and decimals.  Since addition of decimals in new to fourth graders, fourth grade teachers, Kathy Salinas and Kristie Fergesen wanted students to experience real world application of adding decimals.

Thanks to a local restaurant, students were able to use real menus to search through to find prices of meals and add them up to find the sum.  They were then “given” $25 to spend to purchase a drink, appetizer, dinner, and dessert.  Students were amazed at how quickly it added up and how expensive it was to go out to eat.

“Using the adult menu is fun,” said one student, “because when I go out to eat, I only get to look at the kid’s menu.”

4th Grade Math Making Us Hungry1

4th Grade Math Making Us Hungry2

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