Gifted and Talented and Advanced Academics

These students can benefit from instruction that develops and challenges their unique capabilities in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity. Recognizing that gifted students possess distinct characteristics and needs.

Gifted Learners are served through

GT Testing Schedule and Guidelines

Students are assessed for the gifted and talented program according to the following guidelines:

  • Currently enrolled students at the elementary level are able to be referred for assessment throughout the year.
  • Please be aware that for validity of testing, students must wait one calendar year between evaluation, and scores are considered valid for two years.
  • Referred kindergarten students are assessed in January and begin services prior to March 1st.
  • Secondary students previously identified as gifted in another school district shall be assessed within thirty (30) days of enrollment in Rockwall ISD.
  • Students who did not qualify when assessed in Rockwall ISD for the gifted program must wait one year before retesting for the program.

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Jennifer Leal

Elementary Coordinator of Gifted and Talented
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Director of International Baccalaureate
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Gifted and Talented and Advanced Academics