Evaluation for Special Education or Section 504

In compliance with state and federal guidelines regarding students with disabilities, the following notices are given for your information.

Services for students with visual and/or auditory impairments: Special education services are provided for children with disabilities ages 3 through 21, with the exception of children with visual and/or auditory disabilities who may be served from birth through age 21.

A full continuum of special education services is available within the district. For information concerning the provision of special education services, contact the Director of Special Education or the principal in your school.

Procedure for confidentiality of and access to records of students with disabilities: Parents or adult students with disabilities may request and obtain copies of their confidential special education records through the special education office. The following rights pertain to the confidentiality of those records:

  • To receive a list of the types and locations of the student’s educational records, which are collected, maintained or used by the school
  • To inspect and review all educational records kept about the student without unnecessary delay and before any meeting regarding an Individual Educational Plan or hearing, and in no case more than 45 days after the request
  • To have a person of your choice inspect and review all records
  • To have copies of the student’s educational records made. The school may charge a reasonable fee for copying the records but may not charge for locating or gathering records. The charge may not exceed the actual cost
  • To request that the school provide copies of records without charge if failure to receive the copies would prevent you from exercising your right to review them
  • To have school personnel explain or interpret any item in the student’s records
  • To give written consent before the student’s records can be seen by someone not involved in the student’s education
  • To see a list of those, other than the people involved in the student’s education, who have seen the student’s records and the purpose of access
  • To ask fora change in the student’s records if you think a statement is wrong or misleading
  • To ask for a hearing before the local board of trustees, with appeal to the State Commissioner of Education. If the school refuses to change the statement, you must be notified
  • To add your own statement to be maintained in the student’s official records if the statement in the records with which you disagree is decided to be accurate by the hearing

The hearing is not the “impartial due process hearing.” The rules and procedures for the type of hearing to contest statements in the educational records may be obtained from: Office of General Counsel, Texas Education Agency, 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701, telephone (512) 463-9720

  • To be informed when the student’s records are no longer needed by the school and notify the school if you wish to have those records destroyed at the time. Before you request the school to destroy the records, be sure they will not be needed in the future for other purposes (such as applying for Social Security benefits).

Direct questions or comments to the local building principal or the Director of Special Programs, 1050 Williams Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087 or by calling (972) 772-1175.

Requirement to destroy special education records

Texas law requires that public school districts maintain the special education records of students with disabilities for five years after special education services cease. Special education records for students whose services ceased in 2010 will be destroyed in December 2015.

Parents and students should retain copies of their special educa-tion records needed to qualify for benefits through state or federal agencies.

Please contact the special education department at (972) 772-1175 if you want to make an inquiry regarding any special education records prior to destruction. Schools will continue to maintain, indefinitely, a transcript for each student.