Dress Code, Cell Phone & Electronic Device Guidelines

Non-instructional Use of  Cell Phones

To limit the distraction from instruction during the school day, students who choose to bring a cell phone/electronic device to school must remember to turn it off during the school day (8:45-3:45), excluding lunch, unless directed by a staff member to turn it on.

The following consequences will be enforced to students who violate this rule:

1st offense per teacher:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Parent Contact (phone or e-mail)

2nd offense and beyond:

1. Teacher will take the phone/electronic device from the student and will turn it into the front office.
2. Parent will be contacted by the staff member who takes up the phone/electronic device.
3. Parent can pick up the phone/electronic device in the front office between 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday, but they will be required to pay a $15 fine.

Dress Code Guidelines

We want you in class so please follow the guidelines

* Shoes with wheels, house shoes, slippers and the like are not permitted.
* Extremely sloppy, sagging or torn clothing is not permitted.
* Jeans, slacks, shorts and all other pants must be worn at or above the waist at all times – no matter the length of the shirt covering the pants.
* Inappropriate, see-through or revealing clothing is not permitted.
* Spaghetti straps, halter tops, and shirts exposing shoulders, midriff or back are not permitted.
* Inappropriate exercise clothing will not be permitted without an appropriate covering garment.
* Clothing normally considered as undergarments-muscle shirts, tank tops, pajama bottoms and the like-are not permitted to be worn as outerwear.
* Undergarments should never be visible.
* Shorts should be below fingertip length, loose, of modest fit, and hemmed.
* Tongue rings, visible body piercing and the like are not permitted.
* Tattoos and body art must not be visible and must be appropriately covered.
* Hair must be worn above the eyes, well groomed and clean at all times.
* Extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair coloring is not permitted.
* Colored hair paint or colored gel – and the like – is not permitted to be worn at school at anytime.
* Caps, bandanas, hats, head rags, sunglasses and other head wear are not permitted to be worn at school.
* Chains and other accessory items that may be considered or used as weapons are not permitted.
* Clothing shall not advocate nor advertise drug use, alcohol use, tobacco use, or violence – nor display profane, sexual, obscene slogans or symbols.
* Clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories and grooming styles associated with gangs or particular groups – unless approved by the district – are not permitted.


* Dresses and skirts must be below fingertip length and of modest fit.
* Undergarments must be covered at all times – whether in sitting, bending or standing positions.
* Shirt straps must, at least, be wide enough to cover undergarments and the hem long enough to extend below the waist.
* Earrings, appropriate for school, are allowed for female students.


* Clothing designed for females is not permitted.
* Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times.
* Earrings are not permitted for male students.
* Facial hair-beards, mustaches or goatees – are not permitted. Students who choose to not follow the above guidelines will be provided with opportunities to comply so that instructional time is not missed.

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