Parent Resources

  • Learning Assistance:

    We have numerous programs at Amanda Rochell Elementary to assist in your child’s learning experience, including: Special Education, Literacy Coaches, Language Science, SAGE, ESL services, Bilingual Classes, Instructional Assistants, as well as teacher provided tutoring. If you feel that your child needs assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or our counselor at 972-771-5232.


    Financial Assistance
    For any financial assistance, please call our Counselor’s Office at 972-771-2112. You may visit the Counseling Services Link on the right hand of this page for more information.


    We are proud to have a well trained group of student mediators that help mediate disputes. Some of the questions we receive about peer mediation are:


    What is Mediation?
    Mediation is the voluntary, peaceful resolution of disputes or conflicts in which one or more neutral parties act as mediators.


    What is a Peer Mediator?
    A Peer Mediator is trained to provide a safe, scripted, confidential, structured process to assist other students in conflict to end disputes peacefully by reaching mutually acceptable agreements.


    What does Peer Mediation do?

    • It provides students with a positive alternative to conflict.
    • Makes your child’s school a safer place to be and learn.
    • It decreases discipline referrals.