• Dorris A. Jones Elementary has a full-time counselor on staff to serve your child.


    Who is our school counselor?
    Carrie Batson has joined our staff as Jones Counselor.


    What does a school counselor do?
    A school counselor implements a developmental guidance and counseling program

    Guidance Curriculum:
    Providing guidance content to all students. Lessons may include:
    Goal setting
    Problem solving
    Social skills
    Anti-bullying through the use of the following


    Responsive Services:
    Addressing the immediate concerns of students
    School related concerns
    Family Issues


    Individual Planning:
    Helping students understand their own development
    Personal development
    Testing coordinator


    System Support:
    Testing coordinator
    Program and staff support
    Parent consultation
    Teacher consultation
    CARE team coordinator
    Outside referrals


    In addition our counselor heads up the schools implementation of RISD’s:  Rachel’s Challenge Program, College and Career Week, Red Ribbon Week, and Core Essential’s Character Development program