Get Active at Work

  • Physical activity can improve your health and lower your risk for illness including heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. According to the CDC only 1 in 5 adults get the recommended amount of physical activity. Simple ways to be physically active at work include:


    • Take 60 to 90 second standing breaks for every hour you sit
    • Walk in place while on the phone or walk while talking on your mobile
    • Park further way from the building
    • Print to a printer located further away from your work area, or print upstairs or downstairs when available
    • Take the stairs when available.
    • Schedule walking meetings
    • Stretch before meetings, at meeting breaks or at your desk



    • Lifts mood and helps with stress management
    • Builds energy
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Improves overall fitness
    • Boosts creative thinking
    • Helps with weight loss or maintaining and healthy weight
    • Strengthens bones and muscles


    Check out tips from the Mayo Clinic on proper walking technique and get moving!