• Better Together


    Mission and Purpose

    Better Together is a mindset that embraces inclusiveness and diversity, supports safety and civility, and provides social and emotional learning by developing composure, empathy and resiliency throughout the school climate and community.

    The mindset begins with SEE YOU, celebrating and contributing your unique gifts and developing self-awareness; then SEE OTHERS, honoring the gifts of others and becoming better communicators; and SEE US, championing our diverse and collective gifts and celebrating the unified strength of collaboration.

    Belief Statements

    • A more civil community is a safer and more productive community.
    • Every person has a unique story and a unique purpose that is most effective when used to support others.
    • Our collective whole is stronger than anything that seeks to marginalize or tear someone down.


    Curriculum Topics and Themes

    1. Finding Your Gift
    2. Listening to Your Voice

    3. Everyone Has Value
    4. The Art of Understanding

    SEE US
    5. Finding Common Ground
    6. Our Collective Strength 


    Year-At-A-Glance 2022-2023