10th Grade Checklist

    Fall 2023

    • Make the Grade! Make sure you are keeping up with your courses and focusing on what you need to prepare you for college or a career. Need help? Find our master tutoring schedule HERE!
    • Start Learning about the College Admission Process! Get familiar with general college entrance requirements. The counselor's office, library, and college websites are all good sources of information.

    Winter 2023 - Spring 2024

    • Build Your Credentials! Be sure to keep track of academic and extracurricular awards, community service achievements, etc. This is information you will need when applying to college and/or building your resume in a few years!
    • Contact Colleges that Interest You! Request more information about academic requirements and any programs or activities that interest you. It is especially important to start this process now if you are thinking about attending a military academy.

    Order Your Yearbook

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