• Student Activities and Clubs at Springer Elementary

    Student life at Springer Elementary is fun and exciting for all grade levels. The following is a list of just a few of the great activities that students can look forward to at Springer:


    KC Club
    Our KC (Kindness and Compassion) Club is led by sixth graders who lead the campus in activities that support Rachel’s Challenge. Whether they are raising money for disaster relief on behalf of the American Red Cross, collecting food donations for Helping Hands during the holidays, or collecting gloves and mittens for children during winter, this group of students is focused on finding ways to put “Others Before Self.”


    Springer Stampede Running Club
    Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders lace up their shoes and enjoy running with friends and teachers every Monday and Wednesday afternoon with the Springer Stampede Running Club, led by Coach Kelly and other teacher sponsors. Students set personal goals and train to improve stamina and endurance while running. All levels of runners are welcome, from beginning to elite runners. Parents are invited to join as well!


    Chess Club
    Our chess club, open to students in grades 2-6, introduces students to this classic game of reasoning and higher-level thinking. Students learn the basics and try out their strategic skills against other students in friendly competition. Led by Chris Tenney, and many other teacher sponsors, this popular club is enjoyed by many students on Monday afternoons.


    Guitar Ensemble
    Springer sixth graders have the unique opportunity to  join our Guitar Ensemble, and learn how to play guitar. Led by music teacher Susan Shoulter, these students quickly move from the basics to performing as a group.  Springer is proud of its Guitar Ensemble!


    Stallion TV
    Good morning, Springer Stallions! Each morning this energetic group of fifth and sixth graders greets each classroom during our televised morning announcements. Students are chosen through an audition, and work together as a team in the broadcast room each morning to produce and run each show. Edna Solis and Allison Johnson sponsor this group that meets at 7:30 each morning. From weather to lunch to special interviews and reports, our Stallion TV team is an exciting group!


    Our Springer Yearbook is a special momento of the school year, and is produced by our dedicated Yearbook Club and sponsor Denise Hoover. Students love to look back and enjoy the memories of special events highlighted in our yearbook.


    UIL Competition
    Springer Stallions in grades 2-6 are invited to try out for a variety of UIL teams sponsored by Springer teachers during the second semester. Students try-out for teams in subject areas like Storytelling, Ready Writing, and Number Sense, and practice after school to get ready for the district competition in the spring. Teacher Janie Blackwell is the coordinator of our Springer UIL teams.


    Sixth grade students have the opportunity of choosing to take band during specials. Whether they choose clarinet or trumpet, students learn how to play their instrument and work together to perform at special concerts through the year.


    String Orchestra
    Springer fifth and sixth graders are invited to join the String Orchestra and learn how to play their chosen instrument as well as how to play together. In addition to performing at special evening performances, our string orchestra even led the school in caroling before the holidays.


    Robotics Team
    This group of 5th and 6th graders meets after school to work on building and programming robots! This club, sponsored by Jenny Kaup and parent volunteers, is in its sixth year. It is focused on learning the basics of robotic construction and programming, as well as helping students learn to work together as a team. They will be competing against other Dallas area teams in this year’s VEX IQ competition.


    Makerspace Club

    Makerspace Club is for 2nd – 6th graders and takes place 2nd semester once a week after school.  This club is sponsored by Jenny Kaup, Enely Guevara, and Rachael Taylor.  Students are provided the opportunity to make, create, tinker, and code using building tools and robotics components to explore the possibilities with inventions.