• What School Counselors Do:

    My name is Melissa Ferguson and I am thrilled to be serving the families at Sharon Shannon Elementary School! Thank you for stopping by and learning more about how I can help your child in the school setting.


    As the school counselor, my goal is to provide a comprehensive developmental guidance program that is designed to develop students’ academic, career, personal, and social abilities. I am responsible for providing educational support services, through the following four components: guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning system, and system support.


    Guidance Curriculum is taught through classroom instruction as a preventative or remedial measure to focuses on the developmental needs of students.


    Responsive services includes meeting with small groups of services to counsel.  Small group counseling services are available through teacher referral, parent referral or self-referral by any student.  Short term individual counseling services are available as needed.  Counselors might consult also consult with parents, staff, or educators.


    An individual planning system help students plan, monitor, and manage the decisions needed to be made throughout their educational career, to develop goals and establish future plans.


    System support involves supporting staff, parents, and members of the community in relation to goals set forth by the school community.


    Some examples of a comprehensive school guidance programing:


    • Goal setting and decision making
    • Career awareness, exploration and planning
    • Understanding self and others
    • Coping strategies and social skills
    • 504 Plans
    • Student Success Teams
    • Individual Counseling – Short term counseling provided for students who are having emotional difficulties or crisis, referrals may be given to parents for professional help outside of the school setting.
    • Small Group sessions – Groups will be offered on an as needed basis. Some topics in small groups are divorce, death, anger management, etc. Groups usually meet once a week for 5 to 6 weeks.
    • Learning Assistance – We have numerous programs at Sharon Shannon Elementary to assist in your child’s learning experience. If you feel that your child needs assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or myself.
    • Financial Assistance – For any financial assistance, please call our Counselor’s Office


    There are many different levels of support available at school and the school counselor is one of those supports.  Feel free to contact me to see which level of support would be the best fit for you and your child. I can be reached at 469-698-2900.


    We, at Sharon Shannon Elementary School are ready to help your child be successful!

Counselor Melissa Ferguson