Early Release Days

  • The ROCK Program offers child care opportunities for PreK-6th grade RISD students. Please see below the information and attached registration form for the upcoming Early Release Day.  Current ROCK students are able to attend Early Release Day at no additional cost.

    2019-2020 Early Release Days:               Registration Deadline

    Friday, December 20th                             Monday, December 9th       

    Thursday, May 28th                                  Monday, December 18th

    Click the link below to register:  

    ROCK Early Release Form

    • The ROCK Program is held at each elementary campus. Your child will remain on their campus.
    • The program begins as soon as students are dismissed.  Children may stay on campus until 6:00 p.m.
    • Fun, hands-on activities are scheduled, including a snack.
    • Cost is $25/child.
    • Registration deadline is noon the Monday before care is offered. The registration form is attached and can be emailed to rock@rockwallisd.org.  
    • If your child is a current ROCK student or if you have already completed the registration form for all Early Release Days, no further action is needed.
    • If you need to make changes to your registration form, please contact the ROCK office at rock@rockwallisd.org or call 469-698-7032.