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    When integrating digital tools into the classroom, it’s important to weigh both the purpose and benefit of the tools while also understanding the information those tools collect from students and protecting our students privacy.

    The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student records and Personally Identifiable Information.  The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) ensures that websites and resources aren't collecting information on students under the age of 13.  

    As an educator, you are responsible for reviewing the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of every tool you use to ensure that you are following both FERPA and COPPA guidelines.  It is imperitive to understand student age requirements and the student data that is collected from those tools. 

    In Rockwall ISD, we have developed a this resource to share tools that the Instructional Technology Team has vetted and approved for use within Rockwall ISD.

    If a tool you are interested in using isn’t on this list, please reach out to your campus Instructional Technology Specialist for support.

    Resource Summary Age Group Content Area Student Log-In More information
    BrainPop Instructional Videos and Comics PK-6 All Yes- Google Teachers can create classes and assign videos
    Canva Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. 9-12 All Yes, with Google Coding lessons for students PK-12 All   Hour of Code
    Delta Math Online data collection specifically for math. 9-12 Math Yes  
    Desmos Advance math lessons, plus interactive function caclulcators. Free service. 7-12 Math Yes, with Google  
    Edpuzzle Add questions and pauses to YouTube videos PK-12 All Yes  
    Flipgrid Student response tool PK-12 All Yes, with Google  
    Gimkit Online quiz/review game PK-12 All No Students should not create their own Gimkit account
    Jamboard White screen tool with Google's collaboration features PK-12 All Yes, with Google  
    Kahoot Online review/quiz game PK-12 All No Students should not create their own Kahoot account.
    Membean Vocabulary resource that individualizes instruction for each student. 7-12th ELAR Yes  
    NearPod Make interactive slides and has activities/lessons as well PK-12 All Yes  
    Padlet Teahers can create a Padlet wall to share with students. Teachers All No Teacher can create 3 Padlet walls for free. Students will not need to log in to access the teacher's wall.
    PearDeck Make interactive slides PK-12 All No Students don't log in to use PearDeck, teachers will only be able to access free features
    Quizzizz Online review/quiz game PK-12 All No Students can use Quizzizz, but teachers shouldn't have students log in or add classes through LMS
    Scratch Coding tool for students 3-12 All No Students should not log in to this resource. When using this resource, students need to be closely monitored. Music on this site can be innapropriate.
    Screencastify Screen recording extension 9-12 All Yes, with Google Only high school students are able to install this extension, videos can't be longer than 5 minutes.
    Sphero Edu Lessons and coding for using Sphero in the curriculum. 3-12th All Yes, log in with Google If students will be using a Chrombook, teachers will need to log in with their Google login and sync their classes. Student will first need to be able to access their teacher's classthen download the Sphero app onto a Chromebook.
    WeVideo Create videos PK-12 All Yes, log in with Google  
    Photopea   9-12 Principle of Arts/AV/Communications and Media No Request for HS Principle of Arts/AV/Communications
    Weebly   9-12 Principle of Arts/AV/Communications and Media   Request for HS Principle of Arts/AV/Communications



    Communicating through a text messaging servuce 7-12 All Teachers will send parents and students a code and they will sign up.