Children's Health School-Based Telehealth Program

    About the Program Partnership

    Rockwall ISD has partnered with Children’s Health to provide school-based telehealth for Rockwall students at 18 campuses. With a completed consent and parent permission, this program provides students who become ill at school with convenient, onsite access to Children’s Health providers. Using video conferencing and specialized examination equipment, a student can be diagnosed and have treatment recommended, including having prescriptions electronically sent to the pharmacy when needed. Prompt examination and treatment by a provider reduces absenteeism and helps keep children in school, healthy and ready to learn. 

    The school nurse will conduct the telehealth visit, after contacting the parent for permission. Conditions that may be appropriate for a telehealth visit are: asthma, allergies, cough, cold, flu, sore throat, earaches, head lice, pink eye, skin rashes and skin irritations. Conditions that are not appropriate for a telehealth visit are: diarrhea, vomiting, bladder infections, injuries or emergencies.

    • Telehealth appointments will not be scheduled without contacting the parent by phone for permission first. 
    • The parent must complete the Children's Health consent form. Completing the consent form in advance saves time and helps your child to get an appointment quickly. 
    • Appointments are scheduled solely at the discretion of the school nurse and during normal campus hours. The school nurse must prioritize care on campus first. In the event of a medical emergency, a scheduled Telehealth visit may need to be abruptly ended or missed so that the school nurse can respond.
    • Students should not be sent to school with an illness for a Telehealth visit. Students that are ill at the start of the school day with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, pink eye, or other excludable condition should be kept at home and the parent should contact their primary care provider for care.
    • Schools are required to exclude students with certain illness for certain periods of time by state law. If a student's condition warrants exclusion from school, he/she will wait in the clinic and the parent should promptly pick their child up.
    • Children's Health will provide an after visit summary to the school nurse to give to the parent. 
    • Notify the school nurse if your pharmacy has changed when she calls for permission to schedule a Telehealth appointment.
    • The parent is not required to be present for the Telehealth visit. When feasible, parents may participate by phone or by coming to the campus at the scheduled appointment time. 
    • Telehealth appointments will not be scheduled by substitute nurses.

    Call Children's Health directly at 844-4Telemed for detailed billing questions. Children's Health School-Based Telehealth program approximate costs:

    • Medicaid: completely covered with no out of pocket costs
    • CHIP: minimal cost/copay
    • Commercial insurance: cost varies, contact 844-4Telemed

    No insurance/Cash pay: $50 and Children's Health offers a "prompt pay" discount and payment can be made by phone, contact 844-4Telemed

    Telehealth Welcome Flyer

    Participating Campuses

    The following schools have a Telehealth program on campus. 

    • Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary
    • Dobbs Elementary
    • Garcia Elementary
    • Hamm Elementary
    • Hartman Elementary
    • Hays Elementary
    • Jones Elementary
    • Lyon Elementary
    • Nebbie Williams Elementary
    • Pullen Elementary
    • Reinhardt Elementary
    • Rochell Elementary
    • Shannon Elementary
    • Springer Elementary
    • Utley Middle School
    • Williams Middle School
    • Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy
    • Rockwall Quest Academy

    Students who attend non-participating campuses can still use Telehealth. Your child's school nurse may recommend a Telehealth visit and will refer you for an appointment at Quest Academy or the College and Career Academy. 

    Telehealth At Home

    Children's Health also offers students virtual visits at home using their Virtual Visit app. To learn more, visit Children's Health

    Telehealth at Home flyer