• Rockwall ISD referendum planning process.
  • Families are drawn to Rockwall ISD because they know we are setting the standard for excellence at every level. It’s why we expect to see a twenty-one percent increase in our student population by 2030 – that’s 3,500 new learners. 

    With this fast growth, the Board of Trustees commissioned a Facilities Bond Committee in 2019 and asked them to study the district’s needs and make a recommendation on how to manage our growth.

    The committee comprised of parents, grandparents, teachers, and business and community leaders from across Rockwall ISD reviewed financial data, current academic needs and projected student growth.

    After their extensive review, the Bond Committee recommended a $475,845,000 million bond proposal comprised of two propositions designed to impact every student in our district.

    Proposition A - would provide close to $458,926,000 million dollars for new schools and renovations and additions to current schools in response to our growth. This would include 9th-grade campuses, a middle school, a replacement elementary school, additional classroom space for 6th graders at existing middle schools which expands capacity and frees up space at our elementary schools, basic maintenance and modern security. Proposition A would also allow us to purchase new buses to maintain a safe and modern fleet.

    Proposition B - would allocate $16,919,000 million to technology, purchase new computers and chromebooks, provide classroom interactive multimedia displays and enhance wifi connectivity for classrooms. This lifecycle replacement of classroom devices and computers, technology infrastructure replacements and upgrades will allow schools to handle the additional usage that comes from our student growth. Technology with a limited lifespan will be funded only with short-term bonds.

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  • Members of the Rockwall ISD Facilities Bond Committee

  • Alison Belliveau
    Amy Rule
    Andrea Jones-Henderson
    Bart Miller
    Billy Quinton
    Brenda Sandoval-Jones
    Bridgette King
    Carol Rosales
    Cary Ward
    Cathy Pinnell
    Christina Bradford
    Cori Green
    Cyndi Brown
    Dane Steinberger
    Danny Garcia
    Darby Burkey
    David Blake
    David Rakow

  • David Sweet
    Dennis Bailey
    Derrice Randle
    Elena Del Castillo
    Eric Wesley
    Frank Conselman
    Gabriel Cabarrouy
    Jessica Overstreet
    Joe Wimpee
    Julie Zyrek
    Karen Meno
    Kathleen Evans
    Katy Miller
    Kelly Sass
    Kenric McNeal
    Kevin Pate
    Kevin Samples
    Kim Craddock

  • Kyle Gilpin
    Lacy Deckard
    Lesli Johnson
    Liz Keiser
    Maria Shah
    Mary Pugh
    Megan Gist
    Michelle Ghormley
    Olga Colon
    Patti Martinez
    Robert Miller
    Shana Young
    Terri Wesley
    Todd Bradford
    Tracy Green
    Travis King

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