Advanced Placement (AP) Program

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    Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide college-level coursework for high school students who are ready and willing to do college-level work while in high school. AP courses follow the content and curricular objectives established by the College Board. Colleges and universities have the option of accepting AP exam scores for college credit. HB 1992, signed into law in June of 2015, requires all Texas public colleges and universities to award college credit to students who submit scores of 3 and higher on AP Exams. Each AP teacher's course syllabus is submitted and approved by the College Board on an annual basis. Furthermore, all AP courses receive additional weight in the calculation of grade point averages.

    All courses designated as "AP" courses are college-level courses taken while students are still enrolled in high school. Students should expect subject matter and course workloads to be similar to a college-level course. This often means daily course reading outside of the school day. All students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the College Board AP Exam for that course in May of the enrolled school year. There is a fee associated with the taking of each AP exam that is set by the College Board each year. Qualified students may receive exam cost reductions or fee waivers.

    By taking AP Exams each May, students may earn AP Scholar Awards from the College Board, which recognizes student success and achievement in AP courses and on AP Exams.

    For more information from the College Board about AP, click here

    2020 AP Exams: All 2020 AP Exams will be taken from home using a link emailed to registered students by the College Board. Exams begin on Monday, May 11, 2020. The revised 2020 AP exam schedule can be found here.

    Please note for the 2019-2020 school year, College Board will be adding additional AP course resources for students as well as changing key AP Exam ordering procedures. Students and families will be required to commit to registering and paying for their May 2020 AP Exams in the Fall of 2019. Following the College Board's November 15th, 2019 ordering deadline, any AP exam order additions or any AP exam cancellations will incur an additional $40 charge to students. For more information regarding these changes coming for the 19-20 school year, please visit this link.