Tuition-Based Enrollment

  •  All Spots for Tuition-Based Limited Enrollment are now full.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact Tanya Murphy at

    Rockwall ISD will welcome a limited number of students from outside of its current boundary lines through its Tuition-Based Limited Open Enrollment Program. The program allows students to apply for enrollment regardless of their home address.

    Students in grade levels K-6 can apply for admission. Only students who meet the required criteria will be considered for admission. Applicants may request a preferred campus, but enrollment figures for each campus and grade level will determine where open spots are available. We are not accepting tuition enrollment for students in grades 7-12.

    Why Rockwall ISD

    Rockwall ISD is consistently ranked among the top school districts in the DFW area. In recent years Rockwall ISD has received numerous accolades for college-ready graduates, high academic performance and earn national recognition in many extra-curricular activities. Rockwall ISD is also known as a pioneer in bringing student interaction and technology into the curriculum. Our students surpass national and state averages on standardize testing.


    Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade can apply for admission. Only students who meet the required criteria will be considered for admission. During the prior year an applicant must have:

    • Maintained at least a 95% in attendance
    • Passed all classes
    • Passed all portions of the most recent TAKS/STAAR test
    • No disciplinary record


    The Tuition-Based Enrollment plan costs $5,000 per school year. You may choose to pay half of the tuition each semester.

Campuses Accepting Students

  • Open to new students

    • Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary
    • Hartman Elementary
    • Jones Elementary
    • Nebbie Williams Elementary
    • Pullen Elementary
    • Stevenson Elementary

    Closed to new students

    • Amy Parks Elementary
    • Dobbs Elementary
    • Reinhardt Elementary
    • Rochell Elementary
    • Shannon Elementary
    • Springer Elementary
    • Cain Middle School
    • Utley Middle School
    • Williams Middle School
    • Rockwall High School
    • Rockwall-Heath High School