Dropout Recovery Teams

  • Rockwall ISD goes to great lengths to keep students engaged and to prepare them for life after high school. The Completion Rate includes students who graduate, continue high school, and/or receive the GED diploma.

Rockwall Independent School District Completion Rates
  • Dropout Prevention is a year-round endeavor. Rockwall ISD pays close attention to the details in order to do whatever it takes to keep students in school and crossing the finish line to graduation. Carefully monitoring enrollment, attendance, engagement, reading intervention, credit recovery, and psycho-social needs is paramount to bridging the gap for at-risk students.

    Dropout Recovery Teams deploy at each secondary campus from the first day of school until the last Friday in September each school year. These teams track down every single student who did not show up for the first day of school and were also not reported to TEA as attending another school district. As a result of the Dropout Recovery Teams’ efforts, RISD is among the lowest dropout rates in the state of Texas.

Undroppable Motto